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PSA: One Week Left to Export Green Day Music to Your Rock Band Library

If you can't, there's always DLC.


If you have any intention of exporting your Green Day: Rock Band music to your main Rock Band library, you have less than a week left to do so.

Harmonix has offered a heads-up on its forums that, due to licensing arrangements, April 30 is the last day to perform the export. You're all set if you've done the export in the five years since the release of the Green Day-focused Rock Band game in 2010.

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Going through with the export allows you to access all of the music from the game in the main Rock Band games, but the process does cost $10 and requires that you redeem a code included in the case.

Should you be unable to export the music by the deadline, or if you become an avid Green Day fan sometime after the 30th, Harmonix notes you'll still be able to add much of this music to your library through various DLC packs.

Harmonix plans on allowing you import all of your Rock Band music into the upcoming Rock Band 4, which is due out on Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

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