PS5 DualSense Has Removable Front Plate, Apparently

A removable plate suggests Sony may plan to let you customize your PS5 DualSense controller.


The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller has been going out to customers ahead of the PS5 launch, and it's already gotten picked apart quite a bit by the community. One such deep drive into the hardware shows what appears to be a previously unknown customization feature.

As seen in a video from YouTuber John Glasscock, the black piece of the DualSense faceplate can be easily removed. That suggests it could be replaced with a customized faceplate. Though Sony has not announced alternative plates, it seems likely that this could attract third-parties to offer their own designs.

But, it's not clear whether Sony would allow this kind of sale. A third-party had planned to sell customized PS5 faceplates for the console hardware itself but changed its plans after Sony issued a legal notice. Instead, the company is offering vinyl skins, which cost less than the plates.

While waiting for the PS5 hardware, those who have received DualSense controllers have been putting them through their paces with controller teardowns and deep dives into features like the adaptive triggers. It even works with the Nintendo Switch, with a bit of finagling. For more, check out our PS5 preorder guide.

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