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PS4's MLB The Show 18 Introduces Welcome New Create-A-Player Features

Get that wacky batting stance of yours just right in MLB The Show 18.

For those who fantasize about becoming a professional athlete, sports video games provide the closest route to ever realizing that dream. As a result, the ability to accurately create yourself in-game just as you wish is always a key feature. For this year's new PS4 entry of MLB The Show 18, much of Sony's focus on create-a-player has involved a particular aspect of the create-a-player feature.

As showcased in the video above, MLB 18 introduces a batting stance creator. This provides you with a great deal of control over exactly how your player looks while at the plate. You can move the exact positioning of your hands on three different axes in addition to tweaking the rotation of your hands, the position of each elbow, how much your knees and hips are bent, where your feet are placed, and the amount of waggling your hands do. Based on what Sony showed us, this allows for a wide range of possibilities, including some extremely goofy-looking stances, though it stops short of letting you cause the bat to go through your head or body.

Later in the video, there's a look at some of the other customization options that should also help in your pursuit to create exactly the player you have in mind. Two areas that Sony highlighted specifically involve skin tones and the color density of hair. It also addressed a frequent fan request in adding dreadlocks as a hair style.

Sony just recently began to share what fans can expect from this year's MLB game. We learned that the tagging system has been completely reworked, and catchers should now more appropriately react to passed balls, among other things. The Yankees' Aaron Judge is on the cover of MLB 18, which releases on March 27. Pre-ordering the game gets you early access that begins on March 23.

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