PS4's Dreams, From The Devs Of LittleBigPlanet, Is Out Now (For Some Players)

Set your imagination free.


Media Molecule's game creation toolkit, Dreams, is now officially out for Early Access buyers, with the wider launch taking place this Friday, February 14. The full game costs $40 and is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

Dreams is primarily a creative and social platform that will give you the tools to make whatever game you can think of, using a variety of prefab objects, an in-game sculpting toolset, and more to bring your ideas to life. Players can share their creations online for others to play, as well as their assets that can then be used in other players' creation with auto-crediting. You can get a glimpse of some of the games created during the early access phase in the new launch trailer below.

Dreams isn't just a toolkit for making games, but a single-player adventure itself. Media Molecule has crafted a campaign using the tools available to players, which will not only guide players on their path to creating their own adventures but also highlight some of the best features of the creation suite. It's part of an update that is out now for Early Access players, who can play Dreams three days before it launches.

If you've played Dreams before you'll need to complete the introductory sequence again, which now features new changes that permeate through the opening moments of Dreams. Media Molecule says none of your progress from Early Access will be lost.

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