PS4/3DS's Dragon Quest 11 Battle System Further Detailed

Square Enix sheds some light on the game's Zone and Link systems.


Square Enix has revealed more details about the battle system in Dragon Quest XI, the upcoming PS4 and 3DS chapter in the long-running RPG franchise. While the game will employ traditional turn-based combat like previous installments, it will also introduce two new wrinkles to battles in the form of the "Zone" and "Link" systems.

The new mechanics were revealed on the title's Japanese website (as translated by Gematsu). Square Enix describes Zone as a "state of heightened concentration." Like Limit Breaks in the Final Fantasy series, taking damage from foes will cause characters to enter Zone, surrounding them with a blue aura and temporarily increasing their abilities. Characters retain these enhancements until the aura dissipates, so you can carry its effects over into other battles. Zones also aren't limited to your party; monsters are able to enter the state as well and will pose more of a challenge when powered up.

Screenshots of the PS4 version
Screenshots of the PS4 version

The Zone system ties into the game's Link mechanic. When two or more characters enter Zone, they can combine their skills into one powerful Link attack. The kinds of Link techniques you'll be able to use in battle vary depending upon the skills and spells known by the other Zone-enhanced characters in your party. Monsters that enter Zone are also able to combine their powers and unleash Link attacks during battle.

Dragon Quest XI launches for PS4 and 3DS in Japan on July 29. A Switch version of the game has also been announced, though Square Enix hasn't confirmed when it will be released. A Dragon Quest-themed PS4 as well as a special edition New 2DS XL are launching alongside the title in Japan.

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