PS4 tops Xbox One in Raptr survey

33 percent of users plan to purchase Sony's next-gen system, compared to 19 percent for Xbox One.


The PlayStation 4 leads the Xbox One in yet another pre-launch survey. Video game-themed social networking site Raptr today released an infographic detailing a recent study that found 33 percent of users are planning to purchase a PS4, compared to 19 percent for Xbox One.

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Thirty-one percent of respondents said they had no plans to purchase either, while 17 percent said they were planning to buy both the PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, 32 percent of those polled said they would buy their next-generation system on day one, while 63 percent indicated they would make their purchase within the next six months.

A few highlights from the chart:

Sony has succeeded in drawing Xbox 360 fans to PS4, while Microsoft has not convinced PS3 owners to switch to Xbox One.

  • 18% of Xbox 360-only owners will buy PS4.
  • Fewer than 1% of PS3-only owners plan to buy Xbox One.

For those who currently own an Xbox 360 and a PS3:

  • 38% will buy both a PS4 and Xbox One
  • 34% will buy only a PS4
  • 14% will purchase just an Xbox One
  • 14% won't purchase either

What are the biggest gamer's biggest influences on what they purchase?

  • 78% Friends' recommendations
  • 59% YouTube videos
  • 55% User reviews
  • 51% Editorial reviews
  • 35% Editorial previews
  • 31% Social media
  • 21% Twitch

Raptr's study was based on responses from more than 1,500 people, primarily males aged 18-24. A pre-launch study from Integri Entertainment also found the PS4 to have an edge over Xbox One. In its study, 58 percent of respondents planned to purchase a PS4, compared to 39 percent for Xbox One.

The PS4 will be released tomorrow, November 15, while the Xbox One launches a week later on November 22.

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