PS4 Morpheus Core Hardware Has Been Finalized, Says Sony

SCE Worldwide Studios President says that there are currently no plans to release a wireless version.


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The core hardware behind the PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset Project Morpheus has been finalised, Sony has confirmed in an interview with GameSpot. Speaking at the Game Developers Conference, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida described the Morpheus' core hardware as "pretty much done," although "lots of tweaks and improvements" still have to be made for both the hardware and software leading up to launch.

Yoshida also confirmed that there are no plans to release a wireless version of the Morpheus, saying that sending 1080p experiences at 120Hz to the headset required a data transfer speed that only a wired connection can provide.

Thus far all experiences Sony has showcased on the Morpheus have been comprised of standalone demos. According to Yoshida, many of Sony's studios are working on actual games for VR, some of which will "probably" be shown at this year's E3 alongside more developed demos.

"It's so easy to create bad experiences that make people sick."

On the subject of hurdles which Sony has encountered in regards to VR, Yoshida said that trying to convince larger publishers to take an interest has been a challenge. "Large publishers tend to wait until there's enough of an install base," he explained. Yoshida also listed making comfortable VR experiences that are enjoyable as a challenge, saying "It's so easy to create bad experiences that make people sick." This comes as no surprise, given that Yoshida himself revealed at GDC last year that experiments with Driveclub had made him feel motion sickness.

The Morpheus will launch in the first half of 2016. GameSpot will be getting hands-on with the latest version of Morpheus at GDC. Stay tuned to the hub for our impressions of the hardware.

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