PS4 and Vita Getting Game Boy Color-Inspired Ninja Game

Ninja Senki DX is an updated version of a freeware PC game.


Ninja Senki

The Game Boy Color will mostly likely never see another new game again, but that doesn't mean the handheld's spirit is dead. That's evident in PS4 and Vita game Ninja Senki DX, a platformer that wears its inspiration on its sleeve.

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Ninja Senki DX is an updated version of the original PC game, which is a free download on its website. It forces you to make split-second platforming decisions and attack enemies with shurikens.

The updated version is developed by Tribute Games, a studio known for its use of retro styles in games like Mercenary Kings, Wizorb, and the original Ninja Senki.

Tribute Games president Jonathan Lavigne announced on the PlayStation Blog that DX will include a remixed soundtrack, a new challenge mode, secret game modes, Trophies, new menus, and some redrawn enemy art. Lavigne also revealed the inclusion of ninja demon Musashi as a playable character.

Ninja Senki DX releases for PlayStation 4 and Vita on February 23 for $4.99. It's a cross-buy title, so buying it on PS4 gets you the Vita version and vice-versa.

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