PS3 top Netflix device worldwide

Sony claims more users stream content to their TVs through PS3 than any other non-PC device; Netflix CEO says system is a "natural fit."


The PlayStation 3 is the top non-PC Netflix device worldwide. Sony senior vice president of business development Phil Rosenberg revealed today that more people stream Netflix content to their televisions through PS3 than any other connected device worldwide.

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Rosenberg called the achievement a "major milestone," adding that it is particularly noteworthy when considering the numerous other Netflix-compatible devices on the market.

Also commenting on the news was Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who revealed that though the PC remains the top distributor of Netflix content, the PS3 surpassed PC in terms of hours spent watching for periods of time this year. These were not specified. Hastings also called the PS3 a "natural fit" for Netflix in terms of compatibility for the service's "most advanced features."

Netflix support for PS3 was introduced during November 2009 and achieved a range of "firsts" for any game console. Sony said PS3 was the first console to offer Netflix playback in 1080p resolution, the first to offer second-screen controls, the first to offer on-device account registration, and the first to feature alternate audio options like subtitles.

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