PS3 Home Web site launches

Sony's new PlayStation 3 online community hits Web with beta registration site...minus the beta registration.


PlayStation Home

Several PlayStation 3 owners (and possibly some new converts) can't wait to go Home--the upcoming online feature for the PlayStation 3 announced during the Phil Harrison keynote address at the Game Developers Conference on Wednesday. Home is currently in closed beta and will go into a wider beta next month, according to Harrison.

Make me handsome!
Make me handsome!

Though gamers can't yet sign up to register for the beta, they at least took one teeny-tiny baby step closer to doing just that. The Home beta Web site has launched and will eventually be the destination where gamers will be able to register for the program.

The Web site does not give any timetable as to when sign-ups will begin, saying only, "Keep checking back on this site to register an interest in taking part in an exclusive closer Beta Trial of Home."

For more information on Home and the Sony keynote address, read GameSpot's coverage.

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