PS3 Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor come with Extraction, Frontline ports

E3 2010: Sequel to sci-fi horror hit will come with Move-compatible version of Wii spin-off Dead Space Extraction; Shooter's special edition to include "enhanced" edition of 2002 PS2 hit.


LOS ANGELES--At Sony's media briefing today at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the publisher announced that special edition packs of upcoming Electronic Arts titles will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

Isaac Clarke: pointer and killer extraordinaire.
Isaac Clarke: pointer and killer extraordinaire.

When Medal of Honor launches in October, fans seeking an upper-tier experience can pick up the Medal of Honor Special Edition. Included in the premium pack will be a copy of EA's 2002 shooter Medal of Honor: Frontline, updated with high-definition visuals. Medal of Honor arrives in North America October 12 and in Europe on October 15.

On the strategic-dismemberment side of things, Sony also announced that the limited edition for Dead Space 2 will also be exclusive to the PS3. Necromorph-killing fans who pick up the premium edition will also receive a copy of last year's Wii horror title, Dead Space: Extraction.

A prequel to the events of the original Dead Space and its sequel, Extraction for the PS3 will make use of Sony's recently dated PlayStation Move motion-control technology. Additionally, the once Wii-exclusive will be playable with standard PS3 controllers, includes Trophy support, and will also be sold separately in the PlayStation Store. Dead Space 2 arrives January 25.

Electronic Arts has not announced a price for either the Medal of Honor or Dead Space 2 special editions. Additionally, Dead Space: Extraction has not been priced or dated for the PlayStation Network.

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