Prototype PS3 install issues being addressed

Activision acknowledges problem for "a small number" of open-world action game purchasers, promises a patch, suggests work-around in the meantime.


By its very nature, a prototype is likely to have some bugs that need to be worked out. Such is the case with Activision's newly released Prototype on the PlayStation 3, as the publisher has acknowledged on its customer service site "a small number of PS3 Prototype owners have been having issues with installing the game."

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The issue is that the game incorrectly tells some players that they have insufficient hard drive space to install the game. A downloadable patch for the game will be released "shortly," but in the meantime, Activision has suggested a work-around.

Players might be able to eliminate the error message simply by changing the amount of free space on their hard drives by 700MB. It doesn't matter if that change in space is achieved by adding new games and demos or deleting existing content from the system. Once the changes have been made, reinserting the disc should allow the game to install properly.

Developed by Radical Entertainment, Prototype casts players as a genetically altered shape-shifter tearing a path of destruction through New York City. Along the way, gamers try to discover who they are and what's behind their mutations, all while fighting off an assortment of military and mutant adversaries. Prototype is also available for the PC and Xbox 360.

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