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Project: Snowblind store-bound

Eidos' future shooter for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox invades retail.


Ten months and two name changes after its existence was first revealed, Project: Snowblind finally shipped out to stores. Available for the Xbox and the PlayStation 2, the tactical shooter is rated "T" for Teen and retails for $49.99. A PC version is also available for $39.99.

Originally conceived as a spin-off of the Deus Ex series, Project: Snowblind has since morphed into a freestanding title. However, the game retains Deus Ex's futuristic setting, casting players as an officer in the Liberty Coalition, a United Nations-esque peacekeeping force. When a renegade army toting weapons of mass destruction seizes control of Hong Kong, players must lead a squad of high-tech soldiers--replete with cybernetic biomodifications--in a squad-based campaign to resecure the city.

Gameplay-wise, Project: Snowblind will feature two primary modes. The single-player mode follows a Hong Kong conflict-driven plotline, with players embarking on a series of missions to topple the forces occupying the city. However, the game also has an extensive multiplayer mode, which will allow up to 16 players to join a single game. GameSpot's previous coverage has details on both modes, as will the full review of the game, which is due tomorrow.

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