Pro Race Driver to support Matrox Surround Gaming

Codemasters announces that the PC version of its story-driven racing game will be playable across three linked monitors. New screens inside.


Codemasters has today announced that the PC version of Pro Race Driver, which is scheduled for release early next year, will support Matrox Surround Gaming, which enables players to view the game on three linked monitors for an extra wide field of vision.

"With the Surround Gaming three-screen display on PC, Pro Race Driver's players will be really immersed in the experience and able to use their peripheral vision to judge the best position on the circuit," said Gavin Raeburn, producer of the series at Codemasters. "It's a great effect and makes the racing even more intense."

Pro Race Driver sees players assuming the role of a young driver named Ryan McKane who is determined to become world champion. To achieve that goal, players will have to race in tournaments and leagues all over the world against up to 20 genuinely competitive opponents who perform aggressive maneuvers and make mistakes in exactly the way real racecar drivers do from time to time. With the greater visibility afforded by the Surround Gaming support, players will now have no excuse for not being aware of threats from behind and the sides as they concentrate on the track in front.

Pro Race Driver is already available for the PS2 and is scheduled for release on both the PS2 and PC early next year. For more information, check out our PS2 of the game.

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