Police Say Man Shoots at Pokemon Go Players, Thinking They Were Thieves

No one was hurt.

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A Florida man fired shots at two teens playing Pokemon Go this weekend after apparently mistaking them for thieves.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the man was awoken from his Palm Coast area home at around 1:30 AM by a loud noise. He looked outside and saw a car parked near his house; he grabbed his handgun and went to investigate, authorities said.

After hearing one of the teens say, "Did you get anything," the man--thinking they had just robbed him--stepped in front of the car, raised his weapon, and told them not to move, police said.

After the teens started driving at the man, he moved out of the way, and fired shots at the car, believing it was "attempting to strike him," Flagler County Sheriff's Officer Jim Troiano said.

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The teens were not injured, but the car had a flat tire, as well as bullet holes in the rear tire, hubcap, and fender. The investigation is ongoing. Head to the Sentinel to get more details.

This is just the latest wild story we've heard about Pokemon Go. Before this, two people walked off an oceanside cliff while playing the game; additionally, Pokemon Go players discovered a naked woman vandalizing a church.

Check out the video above to see other wild real world stories stemming from the mobile game.

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