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Captivated by Pokemon Go, Two Men Fall Down a 90-Foot Ocean Cliff

Thankfully, they are OK.


Two men fell off a oceanside cliff in California and sustained injuries this week as they were on the hunt for Pokemon to add to their Pokemon Go roster.

One of the men fell approximately 50 feet, landing on the bluffs, while a second fell 80-90 feet and ended up on the beach. A news release from the city of Encinitas explains, "Both patients were transported to Scripps La Jolla Trauma Center with moderate injuries."

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The city also advised that people should "stay clear of all buffs, overhangs, and cliffs." Authorities said they respond to cliff results and bluff failures regularly, though it's possible this is the first one related to Pokemon Go.

Encinitas fire Battalion Chief Robbie Ford told the San Diego Union Tribune that the man who fell all the way to the beach told deputies that he and the other man were playing Pokemon Go when they fell.

Ford said the fall took place near the edge of Fourth and F streets in Encinitas; above is a Google Maps picture of that area.

Lifeguards treated the man who fell to the beach, while firefighters used ropes and harnesses to save the man who dropped to the bluff.

Developer Niantic Labs urges players to be aware of their surroundings while playing Pokemon Go, but events like this were bound to happen. Someone else crashed their car into a tree while reportedly playing Pokemon Go behind the wheel, while a 15-year-old girl was struck by a vehicle after playing the game recently.

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