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Pokemon Sword/Shield: You Can Claim Zarude Right Now Thanks To GameStop Germany

The mythical Pokemon can be yours today.


Pokemon Sword/Shield introduced a new mythical Pokemon, Zarude, earlier this year, with distribution set to commence this month in Europe. Now, you can easily claim Zarude through GameStop Germany for free--regardless of your region.

PokeJungle has noted that Zarude is now being distributed through the store's website, and getting a code is straightforward. We've tested it in Australia with a local digital copy of Pokemon Shield, and now have a Zarude in our box.

All you need to do is head to this link, enter your email address, and tick the top two boxes. Within moments, an email will arrive with a code. Once you have a code, go to "Mystery Gift" in the game menu, then select "Get A Mystery Gift" and "Get with Code/Password". Enter the code there to claim the Pokemon.

You can also claim Zarude in the US through a separate distribution scheme, but the deadline to sign up for the newsletter is closed.

Zarude is level 60, and it comes with a held Leftovers item. It's a Dark/Grass type, and comes with the moves Close Combat, Power Whip, Swagger, and Snarl.

Pokemon Sword/Shield's second and final DLC, The Crown Tundra, is available now.

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