Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolution Stones: Which Stones Evolve Which Pokemon?

Here are all the Pokemon in Sword and Shield that only evolve using elemental stones.


Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch. The Gen 8 games feature a variety of new and returning Pokemon, and just as before, many of them can only evolve by using certain elemental stones. On top of the traditional Water, Fire, and Leaf Stones, Game Freak has introduced a number of new evolutionary stones to the series over the years, such as the Dawn Stone and Dusk Stone. If you're not sure which monsters evolve using these items, we've outlined all the evolutionary stones in Sword and Shield and the Pokemon that require them below.

Which Pokemon Evolve With Which Stones?

Evolutionary StonePokemon
Water StoneLombre -> Ludicolo, Shellder -> Cloyster, Eevee -> Vaporeon
Fire StoneVulpix -> Ninetales, Growlithe -> Arcanine, Eevee -> Flareon
Leaf StoneNuzleaf -> Shiftry, Gloom -> Vileplume, Eevee -> Leafeon
Thunder StonePikachu -> Raichu, Eevee -> Jolteon
Ice StoneEevee -> Glaceon, Galarian Darumaka -> Galarian Darmanitan
Moon StoneClefairy -> Clefable, Munna -> Musharna
Sun StoneGloom -> Bellossom, Cottonee -> Whimsicott, Helioptile -> Heliolisk
Dawn StoneSnorunt (female) -> Froslass, Kirlia (male) -> Gallade
Dusk StoneLampent -> Chandelure, Doublade -> Aegislash
Shiny StoneMinccino -> Cinccino, Roselia -> Roserade, Togetic -> Togekiss

Where To Find Evolutionary Stones

There are a couple of reliable ways to find evolutionary stones in Sword and Shield. Each day, you can find different stones behind the boulders in the Lake of Outrage, so it's a good idea to return to the area often to pick them up. You can also give 500 Watts--a new type of currency in Sword and Shield--to the Digging Duo near the Pokemon Nursery in Bridge Field to have them excavate items. The items they can dig up typically include evolutionary stones, so you'll want to collect as many Watts as you can and visit the duo often to stock up.

There are a lot of other features to dig into in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you're just getting started on your Pokemon journey, check out our other Sword and Shield guides below for more helpful tips. For our full thoughts on the new Pokemon games, be sure to read our Pokemon Sword and Shield review.

How To Use Stones

Once you've obtained the right elemental stone, you can evolve a compatible Pokemon simply by selecting the item from your bag. You can evolve a Pokemon at any time using an elemental stone, but in the past, it was often prudent to wait until it reached a certain level first; if you evolved the Pokemon too early, it was unable to learn some useful attacks that it could only get in its unevolved form.

Sword and Shield, thankfully, do away with this caveat by letting you teach a Pokemon attacks it could previously learn from the Move Reminder, who can be found inside every Pokemon Center across the Galar region. This means you can now evolve a Pokemon with a stone at any time without having to worry about missing out on certain moves that it could only learn in its unevolved form.

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