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Pokemon Sun/Moon Anime Bringing Back Two Fan-Favorite Characters

Misty and Brock return for two episodes.


Despite being mainstays of the Pokemon anime during the height of its popularity, it has been years since Ash's friends Brock and Misty have appeared in the series. While it seems doubtful the two will ever play a prominent role in the anime again, the fan-favorite characters will at least make a brief appearance in an upcoming two-part special.

As revealed by Japanese magazine Telubi-kun (via Pokemon fan site Serebii), Ash and Pikachu will return home to the Kanto region for a school project in an upcoming pair of episodes in the Sun and Moon anime. While there, the two will meet up with their former traveling companions Brock and Misty. According to the magazine, Ash will even battle his old friends during the two-part special, and this time they'll have some powerful new Pokemon on their respective teams: Brock's Onix is now a Mega Steelix, while Misty has a Mega Gyarados.

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The two episodes air in Japan on September 14 and September 21. However, as the English series is far behind the Japanese one, it will still be a while yet before the episodes air in the West.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon anime series. To commemorate the milestone, the 20th Pokemon film, Pokemon: I Choose You, will receive a limited theatrical run in select countries this fall. The movie retells Ash's earliest days as a Pokemon Trainer and his first encounter with Pikachu, but it will only be in theaters for two days: November 5-6. Tickets and venue details will be shared on Fathom Events' website.

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