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Pokemon Sleep Has Started To Roll Out In Some Regions

The Pokemon-themed sleep tracker is now available on iOS and Android in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Latin America.


Just like the launch of Pokemon Go back in 2016, Pokemon Sleep has started its full rollout with a surprise launch in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Latin America. As picked up by Kotaku Australia, the game is now available in full on both iOS and Android for players in all these regions, with other regions likely to get access soon.

Pokemon Go has often launched new features and game modes early in Australia and New Zealand, due to the countries' limited populations. These regions were also part of the limited Pokemon Sleep beta last week, which was initially open to Android users from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Canada, and later extended to a number of other Latin American countries.

Now, Pokemon Sleep has launched in full for players in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and across Latin America, with the official Pokemon Sleep account promising updates for other regions very soon.

Pokemon Sleep, as the name suggests, is a Pokemon-themed sleep tracker centered around the notoriously sleepy Pokemon Snorlax. Each night, when players use Pokemon Sleep to track the quality of their sleep, they can check in the morning to see what kind of Pokemon were attracted by their sleep type.

The game can also be linked to Pokemon Go through the Pokemon Go Plus+ device, which will provide multiple benefits in both games.

Keep an eye on the Pokemon Sleep social accounts to keep on top of its launch in other regions.

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