Pokemon Presents August 2021: All The Announcements And Trailers

From Pokemon Unite getting a release date for mobile devices to fresh new gameplay for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, here are all the big announcements that you might have missed out on.


Nintendo held a short but informative showcase for its various Pokemon games this week, dropping plenty of new details on its upcoming remakes, mobile spin-offs, and a grand reimagining of its core series. In case you missed the 27-minute Pokemon Presents presentation for August 2021, you can catch up on it below or you can take a quick read of the biggest announcements for what to expect from Pokemon in 2021 and 2022.

Pokemon Unite

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Nintendo's Pokemon MOBA is officially coming to iOS and Android mobile devices on September 22 and will feature cross-play with the Nintendo Switch version of the game. In addition to that, Mamoswine and Sylveon are being added to the game's roster and multiple gifts will be available to players on all available platforms.

Pokemon Unite Releases For Mobile On September 22

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

Pokemon Cafe Mix is getting rebranded to Pokemon Cafe ReMix this fall and will include new puzzle elements, more Pokemon, new dress-up options, and more ways of growing and developing staff Pokemon in this updated version. Pokemon can also now eat the meals prepared for them, puzzles can be solved more easily with newly acquired skills, and megaphones can be combined to make them more powerful.

If you've been playing since the game launched, the good news is that golden acorns that you've collected will be transferred to Pokemon Cafe ReMix when it arrives.

Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its second anniversary with a number of gifts. Logging into the mobile game will reward players with 100 free Sync Pair scouts, new storylines, and 3,000 Gems to use to gain even more resources.

Three Legendary Events involving Xerneas, Palkia, and Kyurem are coming back, and an upcoming event will see Pokemon Black and White's N return in a new form on August 29.

From September 15, a new storyline featuring iconic Pokemon villains from different regions will begin, starting with Viridian gym leader and Team Rocket boss Giovanni making an appearance.

Pokemon Go

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go, seven new Pokemon from Sword and Shield's Galar region are being introduced to the game.

Wooloo, Greedent, Dubwool, Skwovet, and Falinks will be made available during the Ultra Unlock: Part 3 event that begins on August 20, while legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta can be obtained through raids.

Zacian's raid will take place from August 20-26, while Zamazenta can be obtained from August 27 through five-star raids and until September 1.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

The latest trailer for the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes had plenty of new information to share, such as the explorable area of the Grand Underground, the return of Pokemon Super Contests as Super Contest Shows, new socialization features in the Union Room, and customization options for trainers, Poke Balls, and their secret bases. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are still on track for their November 19 release date and will be compatible with Pokemon Home later in 2022.

Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Remakes Show Off New And Improved Gameplay Features

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Limited-Edition Nintendo Switch Lite

If you're wanting to celebrate the remakes of Pearl and Diamond in style, you can get your hands on a great-looking Nintendo Switch Lite on November 5. Featuring the fourth-generation mascots Dialga and Palkia etched into the back, it'll cost $200 when it arrives.

New Pokemon-Edition Nintendo Switch Lite Coming November 5

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The latest Pokemon game from developer Game Freak appears to be a massive change of pace from everything else that the developer has done for more than two decades in the pocket monster universe. The latest trailer for the game showed a lot of the new systems at play in the ancient lands of Hisui, long before it became known as the Sinnoh region.

More aggressive Pokemon chasing you down, the ability to switch attack styles when engaging in combat, and new Pokemon variants like a demonically-possessed fish are just some of the big changes that players can expect when Pokemon Legends: Arceus launches on January 28, 2022.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Shows Off Combat, Exploration, And Pokemon Attacking You

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