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Pokemon: Let's Go Video Confirms Venusaur Is Pretty Much A Giant Frog

Although I guess he's technically more like a toad.


The Pokemon Company has shared some more footage of Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee, the upcoming Pokemon RPGs for Nintendo Switch. Five brief clips of the games have been posted on the official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel (as pointed out by Pokemon fansite Serebii), and they give fans a look at some more Pokemon running around on the overworld.

Just as in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver for the DS, players can have any Pokemon follow along outside of their Poke Ball while they explore in the Let's Go titles. As previous trailers for the games have showcased, each Pokemon has its own distinctive way of maneuvering about; small Pokemon like Nidoran trot behind the trainer, while larger monsters like Charizard and Onix can ferry players on their backs.

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The aforementioned clips show off some Pokemon we haven't previously seen following around on the overworld, such as Golem and Electrode, who both roll like a ball. Caterpie, bless its little heart, does its best to keep up by crawling slowly behind. But perhaps the most surprising is Venusaur. While you might expect the heavy Grass-type to trundle along thanks to its squat stature, the clip reveals that Venusaur actually hops like a giant toad. You can take a look below.

Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee are based on the classic Pokemon Yellow version, and just as in that game, players' starter Pokemon (Pikachu or Eevee, depending on which version you choose) will also keep you company outside of its Poke Ball. This time, players are able to pet and dress their partner Pokemon up in various costumes, as well as give them different hairstyles.

Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee launch for Nintendo Switch on November 16. The games support local and online battling and trading, although you'll need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to play with others online. You can read more about the upcoming RPGs in our roundup of everything we know about Pokemon Let's Go.

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