Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gameplay Trailer Has 13 Minutes Of Alpha Pokemon And Ancient Fashion

Noble Pokemon aren't the only apex predators to watch out for in the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


A new 13-minute gameplay video for Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been released by Nintendo, showing off a detailed look at the Hisui region and just how this title shakes up the formula of the series.

One of the biggest changes in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the world around you, as the ancient Sinnoh region is a wild and untamed frontier that's full of hostile and aggressive Pokemon. While you won't have to worry about a goofy Bidoof picking a fight, other Pokemon such as Tangrowth and Walrein won't tolerate your presence and will launch an attack if they spot you. Blacking out means that you'll have to restart your journey from a checkpoint, but you'll do so with fewer items in your inventory.

Another big departure for the series is the actual art of catching Pokemon. While most games had you instantly jump into battle and weaken a wild Pokemon before you throw a Poke Ball at it, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will give you the chance to sneak up and catch a Pokemon. If your target becomes aware of your presence, you'll need to battle it and weaken it using either Agile or Strong style moves. Agile moves trade power for speed, while Strong style attacks leave your Pokemon open to multiple attacks after it lands a hard-hitting blow.

The Hisui region is also home to tougher wildlife, such as the Alpha Pokemon who boast stronger stats, and Noble Pokemon who'll need to be taken down with a mixture of traditional Pokemon battles and soothing balms that you'll throw at them. That's easier said than done though, as these boss battles will see Noble Pokemon charge and attack you when you encounter them in these boss battles.

Outside of battle, you'll be able to explore the land and use your Pokemon for traversal. Two examples shown by Nintendo include a Braviary for flight, a special Wyrdeer to help you navigate on land faster, and a Basculegion for when you need to explore rivers and seas. Just don't think about Basculegion's messed-up backstory and you'll be fine.

Customization will also play a large part in your journey, with the option to equip different clothes, accessories, and hairstyles helping to create a unique character for your journey across the region inhabited by multiple clans. For more on the game before it launches on January 28 for Nintendo Switch, check out our Pokemon Legends Arceus preorder hub or head on over to Amazon where you can grab it for $55.

For more on the game, check out our Pokemon Legends: Arceus preorder hub. In case you missed it, you can also check out the previous trailer which gave the game some Breath of the Wild vibes.

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