Pokemon Legends: Arceus Six Minute Overview Trailer Gives Off Breath Of The Wild Vibes

The latest trailer gives us an overall look at the next Pokemon game.


The official YouTube channel for Nintendo Japan has released a six minute overview video of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. While the trailer is currently only available in Japanese, it does show off some new details.

Immediately the trailer gives off The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild vibes once again, with slow peaceful shots accompanied by quiet music. After the opening scenic shots, we were given a brief look at what capturing a Pokemon looks like without battling. The trainer is seen throwing a pokeball at a Bidoof, and if you're successful, it shows the Pokemons name, level, and whether it's new or not. It also seems that capturing certain kinds and amounts of Pokemon might be missions you get from camps.

The trailer also shows that you're able to switch between which Pokemon you want to bring out from your party before starting a battle. When you have the creature you want selected, you simply throw its pokeball at the target wild Pokemon.

In return, wild Pokemon will be able to use a variety of moves against you, as a Beautifly is seen using what is most likely the move gust. It also seems that your trainer grunts when performing physical actions like dodging, throwing, or getting hit by a Pokemon's move--a first for the mainline series. Whether or not any additional voice acting is in the game has yet to be revealed.

Lastly, PC boxes to store your Pokemon might be getting replaced by a ranch of some kind. The trailer shows the trainer attending a ranch and exchanging their party Pokemon. The Pokemon also seem to be able to wander freely around the ranch.

It's hard to glean if there's any other information in the trailer, as both the voice over and text are all in Japanese, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch, January 28.

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