Pokemon Go: Latios / Latias Now Available In New Regions

Players around the world can now catch the other Eon Pokemon.


Pokemon Go players can now encounter another Legendary originally from the Hoenn region. A month after they first began appearing in the game, the Eon Pokemon Latios and Latias have moved to different locations of the world, where they'll remain for a limited time.

Beginning today, May 8, players in Europe and Asia will be able to catch Latios, while Latias will appear throughout North America, South America, and Africa. The Pokemon will remain in those regions until June 5, when they're slated to leave the game.

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As before, Latios and Latias can only be found in their respective regions as a Raid Battle, so players will need to team up at Gyms to battle the Pokemon before earning a chance to capture them. Both Legendaries are dual Dragon/Psychic-types, making them vulnerable to Dark and Fairy Pokemon, such as Tyranitar and Mawile.

Latios and Latias aren't the only Legendaries that Pokemon Go players can catch right now. The Legendary bird Zapdos is also available again, this time as the reward for the latest batch of Field Research quests. The new set of quests revolve primarily around Electric- and Flying-types, and if players can complete enough of them to collect seven stamps, they'll earn a chance to encounter Zapdos outside of a Raid.

Beyond the current crop of Legendary Pokemon, players have a number of events to look forward to in Pokemon Go. Developer Niantic recently announced the Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2018, a series of real-world events that will be held across the globe this summer, starting with a Safari Zone event in Germany and the second annual Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago.

In the meantime, players still have a few more days to participate in the ongoing Battle Showdown event, which runs until May 14 and makes Fighting-type Pokemon more common. The next Community Day event takes place shortly after, on May 19, and features the Red and Blue starter Charmander.

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