Pokemon Go Dating App Wants to Help You Find Love for $20 a Match

Find love with a little help from Pokemon.


As if the Pokemon Go craze could get any weirder, there's now a way for single players to meet up and forge romance over their mutual love of catching them all. Imagine it: you're looking for that elusive Pokemon, you bump into another player, you both look up from your phones and into each other's eyes and romance begins...

Well, that's at least the goal of PokeDates, a new service meant to match you up with another Pokemon Go player. Using your personal and, obviously, Pokemon preferences, PokeDates will find a person for you to meet up with. It'll then send you and your match to a PokeStop or Gym to meet.

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If you want to try it out, the first match is free. After that, it's $20 per match. In case you don't enjoy your experience, you can get your money back. The site explains, "We currently offer an awesomeness guarantee: if you have a terrible experience on your fixup, just email us and we can process a refund."

PokeDates is a part of Project Fixup, a dating app that uses actual people, instead of algorithms, to matchmake. It's only available in the US right now, but it's coming to Canada soon.

Pokemon Go has become quite the phenomenon over the past couple weeks, and PokeDates is only one of several unusual things to come out of the craze. You can read all about the bizarre events and stories that the game has spawned here.

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