Poinpy Beginner Tips, Best Equipment, And Golden Seed Farming

Poinpy is an adorable and fun mobile game with a surprising amount of depth.


Poinpy is the latest game from Downwell creator, Ojiro Fumoto, and it was recently announced and released on Netflix’s mobile gaming platform. Similar to Downwell, Poinpy is an absolutely adorable yet challenging puzzle platformer. You control a tiny dinosaur to gather fruit combinations/recipes to feed a giant feline monster behind your literal tail.

Poinpy has a surprising amount of depth with different strategies, upgrades, and mechanics from the outset. Increasing Ranks adds more Equipment Slots, extra Jump Orbs, and Golden Seeds to use for unlocking new Equipment.

Check out our best tips and upgrades for Fumoto’s new game below.

This is Poinpy's playable main screen.
This is Poinpy's playable main screen.

Upgrades and Equipment

To the left and right of the main room are the Equipment Room, and the Puzzle Room respectively. These can both be easily missed since the game encourages you to begin another round immediately each time you restart. The Equipment Room on the left allows you to play a capsule mini-game with Golden Seeds collected from lemons. The cost of the capsule machine (which unlocks new equipment) increases with each use.

Be sure to use the capsule machine any time you have enough Golden Seeds since they are not used for anything else. No need to hesitate in saving for anything else down the line, since Equipment is its only function.

This is equipment room which can be found on the left of the start screen.
This is equipment room which can be found on the left of the start screen.

Best Equipment

Though each use of the capsule machine gives you three options, there are a few that are better than others. Poinpy lets the player choose their own type of Equipment assortment by easily swapping to try different approaches. For example, you can use one set with more jump assistance/verticality, or another combination that makes more fruit appear for easier recipe completion.

The three best Equipment to get, when they show up in the rotation, are Jumpy Boy, Prismer, and Voyager Rocket.

Jumpy Boy - Jumpy Boy adds an extra orb! A good boy that helps you by adding an extra jump.

At the start, it can take time to increase your Rank to earn more Jump Orbs. Jump Orbs allow more chances to complete recipes, and most importantly continue runs for a much longer time. Additional jump orbs are awarded at Rank five and 10. But having Jumpy Boy gives you an extra jump that is helpful in earlier Ranks, especially due to additional Equipment slots not yet being unlocked. Even when you only have one or two Equipment slots, Jumpy Boy is the ideal Equipment to add over others.

Jumpy Boy
Jumpy Boy

Prismer - After defeating an enemy, your next wall collision will always be a wall bounce.

Prismer adds an increased wall bounce angle alongside power. Prismer is great forgiving an extra oomf after any of your wall bounces. You can use a wall bounce after defeating an enemy to save a Jump Orb until after Poinpy’s wall bounce completes. With Prismer, you will often get to a relaxing/seamless opportunity/combo where a wall bounce leads to pot destruction, then a wall bounce, then a pot, and so on. That sort of combo earns Jump Orbs, elevating you higher through the level without having to swipe for a little while.


Voyager Rocket - Voyager Rocket lets you shoot off with more power! Combined with Prismer, they in tandem can take you to even greater heights–maybe, even rocket off through space among the stars.

Voyager Rocket
Voyager Rocket

These three different Equipments provided an innate advantage throughout each run in comparison to others. If you ever see any of these, be sure to grab them from the capsule machine.

Reap and Sow–How to Farm Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds allow you to use the capsule machine, and there are ways to increase the number of Golden Seeds gathered during each playthrough. Sometimes, you will want to switch to an Equipment build focused on earning Golden Seeds to unlock more Equipment options. There are two Equipment just for this sole purpose–Gold Card and Fox Savings.

Gold Card - When collecting Shiny Fruit, you will receive extra Golden Seeds–why not increase that amount by triple upon collecting Shiny Fruit? Gold Card does this with ease.

Gold Card
Gold Card

Fox Savings will grant you one, five, or 20 Golden Seeds on each pot you smash. When going into each area, you will be hopping from pot to pot, so each of those pots has a chance to grant 20 Golden Seeds. Even if you only earn one Golden Seed from each pot, it adds up over time.

Fox Savings
Fox Savings

Combining Gold Card with Fox Savings will allow you to have a build focused on Golden Seed farming. Fox Savings increases your Golden Seed accumulation tremendously. Using this build allows you to use the Upgrade room more often to get Jumpy Boy, Prismer, and Voyager Rocket if you do not already have those.

Fox Savings - Combining Fox Savings with Pot Form will allow more pots to appear, and with more pots emerging–even more Golden Seeds with Fox Savings.

Pot Form
Pot Form

Poinpy Perplexing Puzzles

The Puzzle Room in the right room before a run allows you to complete puzzles. You will need at least four Jumpy Orbs to reach the switch at the top to unlock Puzzle Mode. The first time you complete each Puzzle, it will grant a set amount of Golden Seeds with higher Puzzle levels increasing the Golden Seeds gained.

You need to reach each area in the main game to unlock the next set of 5 Puzzles, but the rewards of Golden Seeds upon a Puzzle’s completion help in getting more capsule machine use, especially early on.

General Tips

  • Switch between builds that elevate you to new areas in the game, and farm Golden Seeds every few runs.
  • When working on a recipe at lower Gourmet Levels such as Gourmet Level 1, continue getting Bonus Fruit to get huge multipliers. You want to get as many bonus fruits as possible, and getting around 60 Fruits on the easier starting recipes will have you skyrocketing to Gourmet Level 20 without having to do more difficult recipes such as ones that punish you for collecting certain fruits.
  • Being inside a bubble allows Poinpy to take one free hit from an enemy if they collide with you.
  • As long as your stomp hits something, you will jump right back up to where you were. With this in mind, you should stomp from huge heights on enemies or pots. The Regular Spring equipment even allows the stomp after landing on enemies or pots to be higher than your starting stomp position.
  • Complete recipes early if you find yourself in a bad position without any fruit around. Cash in your huge bonus multiplayer, if things get too hectic. Better to end early on a completed recipe rather than lose hearts, but still beat a low Gourmet Level.
  • Messing up on a recipe will make a different recipe become available, so sometimes if you are having trouble collecting a specific fruit that is not appearing often enough, grab a fruit the recipe prohibits to reset to a new recipe. The new recipe could be easier to achieve.
  • Hopefully, these beginner tips have aided you or given you new ideas to approach playing Poinpy!

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