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Community News - Webby's People's Voice Award for Best Game-Related Website.


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This year, GameSpot is honored to be considered for The Webby's People's Voice Award for Best Game-Related Website. We are up against some tough competition, and we need your help to win! Please show your support for us by following the simple instructions below and vote ASAP, as the deadline is April 30. The process only takes five minutes of your time, and every vote counts! As an extra special thank you gift, we'll be handing out a profile emblem to our supporters if we win!

Here's all you need to do:

  1. Create a free account at the People's Voice Award page.
  2. Login and click on Website - Vote Now!
  3. Find the Games-Related section under Entertainment
  4. Vote for GameSpot and leave a comment if you like
  5. Sound off in our roll call thread to let us know you voted so we can award you an emblem if we win

It's as easy as that!

GameSpot has the best community out there, and we all here are incredibly thankful of your continued support throughout the years!


Thanks to everyone who has voted for us thus far! As an added incentive, we'll be handing out bonus GameSpot Experience points (the hidden points that determine your account level) to our supporters. Find out more in our roll call thread!

Click here for more information about The Webby's.
Click here for more information on GameSpot's history with The Webby's.


Voting for the Webby Awards is now closed. Thanks to all of your support, it's looking like we've won, but the official winner will be announced May 5. In the meantime, we are going to begin the long process of going through the roll call thread, the signature thread, and the comments on the news story and community blog post so that we can assign out the bonus points (and hopefully the emblem!) we promised.

Please understand that this will take some time to do, and you may not see your user level go up for some time. It will happen though as soon as we can get to you (it's mostly a manual process).

Everyone here at GameSpot would like to express our appreciation for your efforts and support. We truly do have the best community out there!

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