PlayStation Strider 1 & 2 Arrives

Capcom's Strider sequel arrives at and we deliver first impressions and media.


Strider 2

Strider 1 & 2 for the PlayStation arrived at today, and as you can imagine we immediately ripped open the package and booted up the game. If you read through our impressions of the demo of Strider 2, you most likely noticed that we were very pleased with unique visual style and great gameplay. Well, after spending a good hour or so with the full version, we're happy to say that, so far, this game is a Strider fan's dream come true.

We've come across many areas that feature much of the gameplay that made the original so cool. For example, do you remember the part in the original Strider where the gravity was reversed and allowed you to walk on the ceiling? Well, there's an area in the sequel that has you doing the same. And do you remember the boss at the end of the stage that had you in a gravity whirlwind, making you rotate around the room? Yup, that's been redone in the sequel as well.

Basically, we've been pretty impressed with the game so far, and our only fear now is that it might end up being too short. We'll be back on Monday to let you know, though, and we'll have lots more impressions and media then.

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