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PlayStation Portal Exploit That Let It Run PSP Games Fixed Due To Hacker Help

The issue was fixed in the latest update.


An exploit that hackers used to get the PlayStation Portal to run PSP games has been fixed, and it's due to the hackers reporting the exploit to PlayStation itself.

The issue was fixed in the latest 2.06 patch that was released to all PlayStation Portal users. Back in February, engineers Andy Nguyen and Calle Svensson got the device to run PPSSPP, an emulator that let it run PSP games, and natively played Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Stories.

At the time, Nguyen said on Twitter that there were no plans to publicly release the exploit. However, Nguyen followed up yesterday saying that they were the ones who reported the issue to PlayStation. While he faced some backlash for that decision, he defended himself saying that if the exploit was released to the public, it was only a matter of time before PlayStation found out and fixed it anyway.

The PlayStation Portal is strictly a streaming device that lets users wirelessly connect to their PlayStation 5 consoles and cannot run any games natively. In GameSpot's PlayStation Portal review, we said, "With a limited use-case and inconsistent performance from remote play, as well as the way it rarely takes advantage of the PS5 ecosystem, the PlayStation Portal is tough to recommend."

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