Play Bloodborne Co-Op With Friends By Exchanging Passwords

New Bloodborne Co-Op and PvP details emerge.

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An update to the official Japanese Bloodborne website has revealed new details about the PlayStation 4-exclusive's cooperative and player-vs-player modes.

According to a translation of the update from Gematsu, up to three players will be able to join an online cooperative game and take on bosses. Players can search for other players to join or choose to host their own game for random players as they did in Bloodborne's predecessor, Dark Souls. However, players can also exchange passwords to find specific cooperative games and play with friends if they wish.

In terms of PvP, Bloodborne also sounds a lot like Dark Souls. You can choose to invade other players, and are vulnerable to invasions if you've started a cooperative session or were trying to invade as well. If you defeat the other player, you'll receive a reward.

The website also details some features we've learned about previously, including the asynchronous multiplayer messages you can leave for other players in the world, and the randomly Chalice Dungeons, which you can play with friends as well and share online.

Finally, the website states that Bloodborne will get a day one update that will optimize online play and performance.

Following a delay, the Bloodborne release date is now March 24 in the US and March 27 in the UK. For more on Bloodborne, check GameSpot's our previous coverage.

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