Pirates! to use Gamebryo engine

Firaxis will use NDL's Gamebryo 3D engine for the upcoming remake of the classic pirate game.


NDL has announced that Firaxis has selected its Gamebryo engine as the graphics foundation for the recently announced remake of Sid Meier's Pirates! The game will build on the unique gameplay blend that made MicroProse's Pirates! from 1987 such a hit and will add new features and detailed 3D graphics. The NDL announcement mentions that the remake aims to maintain the simplicity of the original design while adding more challenging battle options and deeper, more varied role-playing, including multiple paths to a wealthy retirement. Other games built on NDL's engine technology include Morrowind, Dark Age of Camelot, and Freedom Force.

We'll have more details on Sid Meier's Pirates! as they become available.

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