Pirates! plunders gold

Latest from Sid Meier set to breach retail stores November 22.


Time to dust off those peg legs and eye patches. Atari today announced that Sid Meier's Pirates! has gone gold and is on course for its November 22 release for the PC. The strategy title is an update of the 1987 classic Pirates! In the game, landlubbers step into the boots of a pirate captain and instill fear and gain respect by engaging in naval battles, exploring uncharted waters, and hording treasure. This latest version of Pirates! features 3D gameplay, surround sound, and minigames. Gamers who preorder the title can get a limited edition of Pirates! that includes making-of footage, exclusive content, and developer diaries. An Xbox version is planned for release in May of 2005. Pirates! is rated "E" for Everyone and carries an MSRP of $49.99.

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