Phantasy Star Online gets downloadable quests

Sonic Team releases the first downloadable English quest for the massively multiplayer Dreamcast RPG.


Phantasy Star Online

Sonic Team recently made available the first downloadable quest for English-language players of Phantasy Star Online. Accessible while online at the ship-selection screen, the quest can be played offline by characters of any level at any difficulty setting. Titled Lionel's Quest, the mission features custom map layouts, new encounters, and alternate trap configurations, and it introduces new nonplayable characters.

Some of the changes add significantly to the difficulty of a standard trek through the game. The quest focuses on the retrieval of the missing body parts of an android hunter, which are spread throughout the game's four levels. Players are rewarded for completing the quest with meseta, rare items, and additional insight as to the circumstances surrounding the destruction of Pioneer 1 on Ragol's surface.

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