Persona 5 Anime Gets English Sub Trailer, US Release Details

Premieres in Japan in April.


Aniplex of America has acquired the rights to the Persona 5 anime, meaning the adaptation of last year's hit RPG will soon be streaming in the US. The production company has launched an English-language website for Persona 5: The Animation with details, and it also released a trailer for the series with English subtitles.

Persona 5: The Animation seems to follow the plot of the game and begins with the protagonist--named Ren Amamiya--transferring to Shujin Academy. Soon after, his persona awakens, and the Phantom Thieves are formed. You can watch the subtitled trailer below, as well as check out key art of Morgana, Ann, and Ryuji.

The Japanese voice cast from the game are reprising their roles for the anime, and Shoji Meguro is returning to compose the music. While Production I.G (best known for Ghost in the Shell) made the animated sequences from the game, A-1 Pictures is producing Persona 5: The Animation. A-1 Pictures previously worked on Persona 4: The Golden Animation.

Persona 5: The Animation premieres in Japan in April. Aniplex lists the English streaming details as "coming soon," but it's worth noting that a 24-minute OVA inspired by the game--2016's Persona 5: The Animation - The Daybreakers--is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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