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Pepper Grinder Exclusive Gameplay Shows Off The Many Ways To Grind

Sure, you've got an enormous drill, but what if you could also shoot out of a cannon?


Pepper Grinder is built around having an enormous drill that you can use to burrow through soft ground, but as a new video shows, it gets a lot of mileage out of that central concept. In an exclusive gameplay walkthrough from Devolver, you can see Pepper skimming along the water, hitting grappling nodes, and more.

The walkthrough covers three varied stages in Pepper Grinder: a beach with volcanic activity, a spooky poisonous world, and a frosty tundra. Each one has its own specialized stage elements, like magma that cools and becomes soft soil to dig through when it hits the water, or cannons that shoot you from location to location or crack through heavy ice blocks. Your drill can even be used to spin up a rocket, which comes in handy for obvious reasons.

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You can also see Pepper grabbing collectibles, like gems and Skull Coins. As the commentary points out, the gems are littered throughout the stage and meant to be collected, but some of them are traps made to lure you into dangerous situations. Skull Coins, meanwhile, are special collectibles that only have to be grabbed once, but they're in especially tricky or hidden spots.

Pepper Grinder is the debut from Ahr Ech Games and is being published by Devolver. A demo is now available on Steam and Switch, and it's Deck Verified so you can swim through the soil on the go. It's coming to PC and Switch on March 28.

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