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People Want A Cocaine Shark Movie After 3.5 Tons Of Cocaine Found In The Ocean

The sequel to Cocaine Bear could be about a coked-up shark, if fans get their way.


Authorities recently discovered 3.5 tons of cocaine floating in the ocean, and this has led movie fans to call for a Cocaine Shark movie to follow the upcoming Cocaine Bear film.

To be clear, Cocaine Bear is a real movie coming out this month based on the true story of when a bear got into some cocaine and went wild. A Cocaine Shark movie is pure speculation and only an internet meme, at least for now. Here are some of the best memes we've come across so far.

New Zealand police found 3.5 tons of cocaine floating in the Pacific Ocean recently, with the theory being that drug-smugglers dropped it there. No arrests have been made in New Zealand's largest-ever drug seizure, according to the Associated Press.

The wholesale value of the 3.5 tons of cocaine is about $316 million USD, and the drugs were believed to have been destined for Australia. That amount of cocaine is believed to be enough for an entire year's supply to the country. The discovery and seizure of the cocaine was part of Operation Hydros international crime campaign to monitor suspicious vessels in the ocean.

As for Cocaine Bear, the film--due out February 24--is based on the true story of a 175-pound black bear that was found dead near the Tennessee-Georgia state line after apparently consuming over 70 pounds of cocaine that had been dropped from a plane by a local drug smuggler. In the movie, the bear is much bigger and is hunting not only for more cocaine, but also human flesh.

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