Pedro Pascal's Jacket From Newest Episode Of The Last Of Us Was Custom Made

Pedro Pascal's beautiful jacket from Episode 6 was a custom order.


In the latest episode of HBO's The Last of Us, Joel (Pedro Pascal) makes it to Wyoming, and it is very cold there. Despite the horrible fungal apocalypse, Joel is staying remarkably stylish, so much so that viewers were wondering where they could get his snazzy, comfy-looking winter coat for themselves. Now we have the answer. As it turns out, you can't buy it for yourself because it was custom made.

Contrary to a previous report, this jacket is not for sale to the public. It is a custom-made shearling coat made by Hiso of Canada, a spokesperson for HBO Max told GameSpot. It was acquired by the show's costume team through O'Conners men's wear out of Calgary Alberta Canada. You can follow Hiso of Canada on Instagram here.

The Last of Us' costume designer is Cynthia Summers, and you can follow her on Instagram here.

Pedro Pascal's jacket from TLOU Episode 6 is beautiful and a custom order
Pedro Pascal's jacket from TLOU Episode 6 is beautiful and a custom order

You can't get Joel's winter coat, but Joel's lighter jacket from earlier episodes of The Last of Us can be purchased from Flint and Tinder for about $300. And in other news about jackets worn by famous people, here's where to get Fallout and Elder Scrolls boss Todd Howard's snazzy leather jacket.

The Last of Us airs Sunday nights on HBO, leading up to the Season 1 finale on March 12. Fear not, though, as HBO has already confirmed a second season is in the works. In addition to Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey stars as Ellie in the HBO drama based on Naughty Dog's video game.

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