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E3 2018: Todd Howard Reveals Where He Got That Snazzy Leather Jacket

Designed in England, crafted in Italy, worn by Todd Howard.


Todd Howard, the iconic game developer known for Fallout and Elder Scrolls, wore a very nice leather jacket on stage at Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference this week. He is something of a rockstar in the gaming space, and he definitely looked the part on Sunday evening when he told the world about Fallout 76 and made dad jokes.

You will never be Todd Howard. But you can dress like him. Howard told us in an interview that he was not supplied the jacket by Bethesda's wardrobe company (if the company even has one). Instead, he bought it himself from the website with a good name: Soul Revolver. We are not completely sure which one is his, but it looks like the classic Cafe Racer jacket. It's available in Italian, Cowhide, and Synthetic leather options, ranging in price from around $130-$380.

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Todd Howard is a boss at Bethesda and a boss in real life
Todd Howard is a boss at Bethesda and a boss in real life

Todd Howard has won a Lifetime Achievement award and he was inducted into DICE's video game Hall of Fame last year.

As a college student in the early '90s, Howard literally knocked on Bethesda's door to ask for a job. He officially started with the company in 1994, and The Terminator: Future Shock was his first credit at Bethesda. He went on to direct some of Bethesda's biggest and best-known games, including Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

Currently, Howard is contributing to or at least overseeing the development of Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls VI, and Bethesda's new sci-fi game Starfield. In our conversation with Howard, he told us a lot, including that Starfield might be a game for the next wave of consoles. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on our talk with the legendary game developer.

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