PC MMO WildStar from former Blizzard devs goes gold, launches in full June 3

Developer Carbine Studios confirms the news today at PAX East.


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Carbine Studios' upcoming MMO WildStar--developed by a team of former Blizzard Entertainment designers--has gone gold, the company announced today during a presentation at PAX East 2014 in Boston, Mass. The game launches in full on June 3.

When WildStar launches this summer, you'll be able to buy two versions of the game. The Standard Edition will include the game, 30 days of play time, and three 7-day friend passes, as well as an Eldan-themed housing decor item. For $75, you can buy the Digital Deluxe version, which includes everything from the Standard Edition, as well as exclusive digital content like an Eldan Hoverboard, a unique costume, a unique Eldan player title, and a limited-edition Eldan dye set.

WildStar's business model is a hybridized. Carbine Studios will sell a monthly subscription for $15, while you can also use an in-game item called C.R.E.D.D. to earn game time. You can do this through buying it from other players using in-game gold or you can purchase it directly from Carbine Studios at the WildStar website for $20.

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