PayPal Issue Reportedly Causing PSN Bans For Some Users

Thousands may be affected.


A number of PlayStation Network users are finding themselves banned today through no apparent fault of their own. This is reportedly due to an issue with PayPal.

According to a source speaking with Kotaku, PayPal initiated a chargeback on "thousands" of PSN accounts (seemingly only in the UK) for an unknown reason. This causes these users to be treated by PSN as if they owe Sony money, which results in a temporary ban until the matter is resolved. Those who are affected will receive an email from Sony.

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Neither company has yet to publicly comment on the situation, though we've reached out to Sony for a statement. A quick look at the PlayStation support Twitter accounts (for the US and UK) shows numerous users complaining about the ban, but it's unclear at this point just how many people have been affected or how quickly the issue can be resolved. We'll report back as we learn more.

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