Payday 3 Servers Are Fixed, Starbreeze Says

More than 3 million people have played Payday 3 so far.


Payday 3 developer Starbreeze has issued a notice to investors informing them that the game's server issues have been addressed and that the company is now looking to "intensify the commercial activities" around the heisting game.

In the statement, Starbreeze said the recent scheduled maintenance on the game's servers was a success and has "fixed the initial matchmaking issues." To that end, Starbreeze said Payday 3 achieved a peak concurrent player number of 125,254 in the past five days. This is far below the peak concurrent player record of 248,000 for Payday 2. A total of 3.167 million people have played Payday 3 in September, Starbreeze added.

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With the problems sorted out, Starbreeze is now looking to resume the "commercial activities" on Payday 3 that were "initially paused" due to the issues.

Starbreeze also published a schedule for what Payday 3 players can expect in the coming months, including more updates and a paid expansion, Syntax Error, this winter.

  • October -- 200 quality of life improvements for all platforms
  • October/November -- Quality of life improvements, new content, and new functionality
  • November -- Quality of life improvements, new content, and new functionality
  • Winter 2023 -- DLC "Syntax Error" released for sale. It's also included with Payday 3's Silver and Gold editions.

Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren thanked fans for their patience as the studio worked through the issues with Payday 3's servers. He added, "Our business model is a marathon and not a sprint and we will tirelessly continue to build Payday 3 bigger and better to deliver the greatest possible value for our players."

Starbreeze also provided some further specifics on what it did to help fix the problems. During the September 29 maintenance period, Starbreeze upgraded the game's software and hardware infrastructure with additional regional nodes. This, in turn, should help the speed of matchmaking and create "greater redundancy" for online services, Starbreeze said.

Payday 3 is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. On Xbox, Game Pass subscribers can play the game as part of their membership.

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