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Path Of Exile 2 Won't Replace The First Game After All

At ExileCon keynote, Grinding Gear Games announces a game split and extensive additions.


Grinding Gear Games announced at this year's ExileCon keynote that Path of Exile 2, initially planned as a replacement for its predecessor, will now become a separate game running on its own client. The decision to split the games came after PoE2 underwent substantial expansion since its initial announcement four years ago, as reported by PC Gamer.

Grinding Gear Games co-founder Jonathan Rogers highlighted the extensive additions to PoE2, including six new classes, 36 ascendancy classes, 600 monsters, 100 bosses, 240 active skills, and 1,500 passive skills. Notably, players have embraced the addition of a dodge roll with no cooldown.

Initially, there were concerns about replacing the beloved Path of Exile 1 with the sequel (something we recently saw with Overwatch replacing the first game). Rogers said, "We realized that our plan to replace PoE1 with PoE2 would essentially be getting rid of a game that people love for no real reason. So we made a decision: Path of Exile 1 and 2 will be separate, with their own mechanics, balance, endgames, and leagues."

Despite being separate games, PoE1 and PoE2 won't be entirely disconnected. In-game purchases will be available in both, with exceptions for compatibility issues. Rogers reassured players that items purchased in one game can be used in the other, as long as the content aligns. However, some exclusive content may not be usable in both.

At the event, developers showcased a portion of PoE2's campaign known as the Jungle Depths of Act 3, featuring the new Monk class--one of six being introduced in the sequel.

Originally announced in 2019 as an expansion, Path of Exile 2 is slated for a simultaneous release on PC and consoles, and it is anticipated to pose a significant challenge to Diablo IV upon its launch.

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