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Palworld - How To Increase Pal Capture Rate

Collect more creatures by increasing your success rate in Palworld.


The lands of Palworld are teeming with hundreds of creatures. Naturally, you'll want to obtain all of them. To do that, you have to ensure that you have a better chance and your endeavor. Here's our guide on how to increase the Pal Capture Rate in Palworld.

How to increase your Pal Capture Rate in Palworld

You can increase your Pal Capture Rate through several means, all of which allow you to catch even more creatures that you encounter. Just keep the two most important facets in mind:

  • Pals that have been weakened after taking significant damage are easier to catch compared to those at full health.
  • You'll always need Pal Spheres to catch them, though you can craft upgraded variants of Pal Spheres later.

Increase the Pal Capture Rate setting

The quickest way to increase your Pal Capture Rate in Palworld is through the game settings menu, but you need to do this prior to starting a campaign/creating a new world. If you move the Pal Capture Rate slider all the way to the right (i.e. 2x multiplier), you'll double your chances at a successful attempt.

Double your catching success rate before starting your run.
Double your catching success rate before starting your run.

Offer Lifmunk Effigies to the Statue of Power

The Statue of Power is a level 6 tech blueprint that can be unlocked, and subsequently built in your base if you have 20x Stone and 10x Paldium Fragment. It not only boosts the capabilities of your fauna teammates, but also your character's success rate at catching even more animals.

To do this, you need to offer Lifmunk Effigies, which are crystalline objects with a greenish glow. You'll find these scattered in specific locations all over the game world, so you want to be on the lookout for them. Higher rank-ups also require even more Lifmunk Effigies.

The Statue of Power (left) requires Lifmunk Effigies as offerings (right).

Craft higher-tier Pal Spheres using their respective workbenches

Naturally, you may increase your Pal Capture Rate in Palworld by crafting high-end Pal Spheres. The default items only require the Primitive Workbench, but better versions mean that you should also unlock their respective blueprints via the Technology menu. We've listed some examples below:

  • Sphere Workbench (level 14 tech) - Requires 10x Paldium Fragment, 30x Wood, and 10x Nail.
    • Mega Sphere (level 14 tech) - Requires 1x Paldium Fragment, 1x Ingot, 5x Wood, and 5x Stone.
    • Giga Sphere (level 20 tech) - Requires 2x Paldium Fragment, 2x Ingot, 7x Wood, and 7x Stone.
  • Sphere Assembly Line (level 27 tech) - Requires 30x Paldium Fragment, 50x Wood, 100x Ingot, and 20x Nail.
    • Hyper Sphere (level 27 tech) - Requires 3x Paldium Fragment, 3x Ingot, 10x Wood, and 2x Cement.
  • Sphere Assembly Line II (level 35 tech) - Requires 100x Refined Ingot, 10x Circuit Board, 30x Nail, and 50x Paldium Fragment.
    • Ultra Sphere (level 35 tech) - Requires 5x Paldium Fragment, 5x Refined Ingot, 2x Carbon Fiber, and 3x Cement.
    • Legendary Sphere (level 44 tech) - Requires 10x Paldium Fragment, 5x Pal Metal Ingot, 3x Carbon Fiber, and 5x Cement.
Craft better kinds of Pal Spheres to improve your chance of capturing stronger Pals.
Craft better kinds of Pal Spheres to improve your chance of capturing stronger Pals.

Electrocute or freeze your targets

Lastly, you can use certain elemental effects (i.e. electric and ice) to aid you in your objective. Certain Pals, grenades, and mines that cause the electrocuted or frozen status effects temporarily stun your target, making them easier to catch if you throw a Pal Sphere.

These are the ways for you to increase your Pal Capture Rate in Palworld. With a bit of effort and luck, you should be able to acquire all the animal companions in the game.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.

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