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Palworld - How To Incubate And Hatch Pal Eggs

Get additional Pals by incubating eggs in Palworld.


Palworld has you finding even more creatures as you continue your adventure. Along the way, you should be able to collect eggs, as well as a device that lets you incubate them. Here's our guide on how to hatch eggs in Palworld.

How to hatch eggs in Palworld

You can hatch eggs once you unlock the Egg Incubator. This blueprint comes from the Technology menu at level 7, and you need Ancient Technology Points to acquire it. You then need to have 10x Paldium Fragment, 5x Cloth, 30x Stone, and 2x Ancient Civilization Parts to build it in your base.

Note that you can have several Egg Incubators in Palworld. However, you do need to have enough materials (and space) to build them all. Once you've constructed one, simply place an egg inside and wait for it to hatch. Note that all hatched Pals will always start at level 1.

The Egg Incubator needs to be unlocked and built.
The Egg Incubator needs to be unlocked and built.

Types of eggs in Palworld

You'll find a lot of Pal eggs while exploring the game world. Although the Pal that will hatch from the egg is random, its type is determined based on the prefix in the egg's description. Here are some examples:

  • Common - Normal/neutral
  • Scorching - Fire type
  • Damp - Water type
  • Dark - Dark type
  • Frozen - Ice type
  • Rocky - Ground type
  • Electric - Electric type
  • Verdant - Grass type
  • Dragon - Dragon type
Different types of eggs can be found all over the game world. Some might be near the coast (left), while others are in well-hidden nooks (right).

What affects egg incubation time in Palworld

Several factors affect how long it takes to hatch eggs in Palworld. These include:

  • Egg type and preference/condition - A good example is how a Scorching Egg (i.e. fire type) should be placed inside Egg Incubators in warm areas, such as indoors or near a fire.
  • Egg size - Normal-sized eggs require a shorter incubation time compared to large and huge ones.
  • Game setting - The time to incubate Massive Egg setting can be decreased or increased prior to starting the sandbox campaign.

This is how you hatch eggs in Palworld. Don't forget that you can also obtain eggs by breeding Pals in the game.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.

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