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Palworld Dev Warns Of Mobile Game Scams

There is no official version of Palworld for iOS and Android.


Palworld is a popular and successful game, and that means people are trying to take advantage of that popularity by offering scam games that are meant to deceive fans.

Developer Pocketpair issued a warning about this on social media. The company confirmed there is no mobile version of Palworld, and so any app on iOS and Android purporting to be the real Palworld is a scam. Downloading one of these apps could take you down a bad path, as apps of this type are known to pilfer personal information.

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Pocketpair said it has reported this issue to Apple and Google, but as of press time, a search for "Palworld" on the App Store still turns up an obvious rip-off game.

Palworld community manager Bucky said on social media, "Please be careful about phone games appearing to be Palworld! These are all fake!"

Pocketpair has not said if it will eventually release a mobile version of Palworld, nor do we know if the game will ever come to PlayStation. It is currently available on PC and Xbox.

The game has sold more than 8 million copies. That figure may have grown higher, but Pocketpair is no longer sharing sales numbers. More information on the game's sales success could come soon.

Following the massive launch of Palworld, The Pokemon Company said it plans to "investigate," though it remains to be seen if any legal action could be taken.

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