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Palworld - How To Defend Your Base From Raids

Keep your home well fortified in Palworld.


Palworld tends to have you focus on exploration and discover. However, there are instances when you have to defend your home from various threats. Here's our guide on how to defend your base from raids in Palworld.

How to defend your base from raids in Palworld

You can defend your base by assigning several Pals to guard it, as well as by constructing fortifications, traps, and gun emplacements. The first part is fairly simple--all the Pals that are assigned to your base using the Palbox will automatically attack any advancing hostiles that enter your base's radius. As for fortifications and gun emplacements, you've got several options which we tackle later in this guide.

When do raids occur in Palworld

Raids happen periodically in Palworld, often when your character is at the base. You'll be notified that a certain raiding party is approaching, which usually determines the type of invaders that will spawn. Here are some examples:

  • Herd of passing Pals - Denotes the type of Pals that will appear and they're usually herbivores (i.e. Relaxaurus).
  • Man-eating wild Pals - These refer to rabid beasts like Direhowls.
  • Human raiders - The notification will tell you about which faction the raiders belong to.
Your base can get attacked by all sorts of hostiles, including Direhowls (left) and Syndicate operatives (right).

Traps and defensive fortifications in Palworld

To ensure that your base is well-defended from raids in Palworld, you have to unlock certain blueprints from the Technology menu. These include the following:

  • Alarm Bell (level 4 tech) - Requires 5x Paldium Fragment and 20x Stone. This lets you change the behavior of assigned Pals to be more alert when enemies arrive, or to simply focus on work-related tasks.
  • Sandbag (level 9 tech) - Requires 10x Wood and 10x Stone. Pals assigned to this will watch out for hostiles.
  • Bear Trap: Small (level 10 tech) - Requires 10x Ingot. This trap immobilizes small Pals and humans.
  • Wooden Defensive Wall (level 16 tech) - Requires 10x Wood. This type of wall might get destroyed easily.
  • Mounted Crossbow (level 26 tech) - Requires 30x Ingots, 30x Wood, 15x Stone, and 5x Nails. You need to assign a Pal with the Handiwork suitability so they can defend your base automatically by shooting their crossbow at hostiles.
  • Defensive Wall (level 29 tech) - Requires 10x Stone and 1x Cement. This wall is sturdy enough to resist instant destruction from raiding parties.
  • Mine (level 30 tech) - Requires 5x Ingot and 2x Fire Organ. This trap automatically detonates when stepped on.
  • Electric Mine (level 33 tech) - Requires 5x Ingot and 2x Electric Organ. This trap electrocutes those that step on it; electrocuted Pals are also easier to capture.
  • Ice Mine (level 38 tech) - Requires 5x Ingot and 2x Ice Organ. This trap freezes foes that step on it; frozen Pals are also easier to capture.
  • Mounted Machine Gun (level 40 tech) - Requires 30x Ingot, 10x Nail, and 15x Cement. A Pal with the Handiwork perk can use this gun emplacement.
  • Metal Defensive Wall (level 43 tech) - Requires 10x Ingot and 1x Cement. This is an extremely durable wall.
  • Mounted Missile Launcher (level 50 tech) - Requires 100x Refined Ingot, 20x Circuit Board, 20x Nail, and 50x Cement. Assign a Pal with Handiwork suitability so they can shoot foes with rockets.
Weapon and gun emplacements allow Pals to shoot advancing foes.
Weapon and gun emplacements allow Pals to shoot advancing foes.

This is how you defend your base from raids in Palworld. Everything is a learning process as you advance further into the sandbox campaign, so make sure your home is always well-protected.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.

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