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Palworld Could Come To PS5, But Nothing Is Certain Yet

There are no plans for a PlayStation 5 version at the moment.


The new hit game Palworld is currently only available on PC and Xbox Series X|S, but will it come to PS5? Developer Pocketpair has said it's possible but didn't provide a timeframe on when that could happen.

On Palworld's early access launch FAQ page, one of the questions listed is "Will Palworld be coming to PS5?" Pocketpair answered, "We don't have plans for this at the moment, but will consider it during development!"

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The studio also answered a few other questions about features, such as supporting cross-play between platforms, saying that it is working on implementing it as soon as possible. Pocketpair is also currently testing player vs. player content internally and experimenting with different approaches before introducing it to Palworld.

Palworld has taken the internet by storm with its immense popularity. On its release day, the game sold over a million copies in just eight hours, and as of this morning hit 5 million copies sold. There have been allegations of plagiarism in the game, most notably when it comes to its creatures and how they closely resemble Pokémon. However, nothing has been proven as of yet.

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