Pac 'n Roll gyrates into stores

Pac-Man turns into a ball and rolls to retail in Namco's spin-off for the DS.


Pac 'n Roll, the Pac-Man spin-off that involves rolling Pac-Man across puzzle-filled stages, has been released to stores. Namco's DS game is rated E for Everyone and carries a $29.99 price point.

In the platform game, everyone in Pac-Man's world has been turned into balls, and only Pac-Man escapes to save the day. The game integrates the Nintendo DS's touch screen and stylus to control Pac-Man as he rolls around stages in gameplay reminiscent of the classic arcade game Marble Madness. Pac 'n Roll also includes an unlockable version of the legendary original Pac-Man game.

For more on Pac 'n Roll, take a look at GameSpot's review.

$19.98 on Walmart

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