PS5 Backwards Compatibility: All Confirmed Games To Support Game Boost So Far

Ghost of Tsushima is the only PS4 game confirmed to take advantage of PS5's Game Boost.


Many questions about how the PlayStation 5 actually works remain unanswered as we quickly approach its November 12 launch date, but Sony has recently detailed the way PS4 backwards compatible games will take advantage of the next-gen console's hardware via Game Boost.

As its name suggests, Game Boost provides benefits for supported PS4 games, including improved frame rates, higher-resolution visuals, and faster load times. Though Sony has not laid out all of the titles that will support this performance increase, some developers are revealing the games that will take advantage of Game Boost. We've rounded up the list of games that use Game Boost, and will continue to update this list as news rolls in.

The newest example might be Days Gone, although it's unclear if the enhancements it's seeing are through Game Boost or through a discrete. In any event, it'll provide up to 4K and 60 FPS on PS5, although it doesn't sound as if either one is locked.

Ghost of Tsushima

Developer Sucker Punch Productions took to Twitter to confirm that not only is its open-world samurai-RPG Ghost of Tsushima playable day one on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility, the game will also get a frame rate increase thanks to Game Boost. Specifically, Ghost of Tsushima will get a 60 FPS option as well as further decreased load times.

While 99 percent of the over 4,000 PS4 titles will be playable on PS5, the company said a handful of current-gen games--including Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume One and Hitman Go: Definitive Edition--won't work on the next-gen console. If other games end up on this list, they will be marked with a "Playable On: PS4 Only" marker on the PlayStation Store. Sony also detailed how players can upgrade their PS4 games to PS5.

The PlayStation 5 launches on November 12 in most regions and November 19 worldwide. Two editions are available for $400 and $500, so check out our PlayStation 5 preorder guide to learn about which console is right for you and your at-home setup.

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